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Democrat Lawmaker ARRESTED For Choking His Wife! What He Did Before Is Sickening!

I like politicians the way I like most people to be, consistent. I like folks to practice what they preach to me.

Call me crazy, but it makes sense, and when you hear about an elected official acting opposite the way that they tell us all to act it feels pretty dirty on their part.

Much in the way that so many of them have asked us to stay put for the past several months while they have gone out of their way to travel and break quarantine procedure.

Now, the other thing that really gets me is when you have these politicians that call for nonviolence and then commit horrific acts of violence themselves.

A Democrat state senator from New York who is closely allied with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Senator Bernie Sanders has turned himself in to the police after being accused of strangling his wife during a domestic dispute. This senator has also voted in favor of banning chokeholds by police.

Local reports have confirmed that state Senator Luis Sepúlveda has turned himself in to the NYPD’s 48th Police Precinct in the Bronx district he represents. He has been accused of strangling his wife during an altercation on January 9, and has been charged with criminal obstruction of breathing.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, “Sepúlveda has become a leading voice among New York progressives and received attention from national political figures such as Sanders, who used his popular campaign website to spotlight Sepúlveda alongside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) as a candidate worthy of support.”

“We need to continue building and strengthening our movement from the ground up by electing more progressives to state and local positions, and Luis Sepúlveda is counting on our support,” the Sanders website says.

Sepúlveda has fundraised with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the mayor was even a featured speaker at Sepúlveda’s 2018 election night party when he was elected to the state senate.

After George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis, the state senator pushed for legislation in New York to ban police chokeholds.

In June, Sepulveda told lawmakers that the tactics used by police have led to the death and “utter humiliation” of many people of color.

“I can speak from personal experience. When I was 18 years old, I was arrested because a police officer didn’t like the way I looked at him,” Sepulveda said as New York’s legislature debated passing laws hindering police officers’ ability to do their jobs.

New York’s Senate Bill S6670B, which has been signed by the Governor, “establishes the crime of aggravated strangulation for police officers or peace officers where such officer commits the crime of criminal obstruction or breathing or blood circulation, or uses a chokehold or similar restraint, and causes serious physical injury or death.”

Sepulveda voted in favor of this bill along with many others that hinder the function of law and order, according to police.

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