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ALERT: The Supreme Court Has Just Sold Out The United States!

There used to be a lot of government institutions that you could trust, and that you knew would always give you a fair shake even if you didn’t agree with the answer.

The Supreme Court has made a series of puzzling decisions these past few weeks, and you have to wonder if the people that sit on the bench even know what they are supposed to be doing anymore.

Probably not, half of them are so old that when they went to school they didn’t have history class.

In news breaking this hour: The SCOTUS has declined to fast-track a multitude of pending election-related petitions. President Trump and others seeking relief and investigation into electoral irregularities and serious allegations of fraud will go unanswered. It is the last word in a long line of shocking betrayals by our highest court.

The Supreme Court has fully abandoned its constitutional mandate today, as after the inauguration these cases will most likely be declared “moot” and no action will ever be taken.

CBS News Reports,

“The court declined to expedite consideration of the lawsuits brought by Mr. Trump and GOP allies, including lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, that targeted the election results from battleground states he lost: Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia. There were no noted dissents.

In refusing to speed up review of the legal battles, the cases will effectively be moot by the time the justices consider them during its regular schedule. Mr. Biden will be sworn in January 20.”


“There were no noted dissents.” That sentence in the court’s orders of the day is perhaps the most chilling of all. The “Conservative” Justices; Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh & Amy Coney Barrett have sat idly by as the Constitution they swore to uphold has been usurped and perverted.

No comment is given, no justification, no opinion to answer 75 million Americans who are calling out desperately to be heard before they are trampled beneath the jackboot of the progressive-socialist husk that once was the Democratic party.

Only one simple word that has been echoed again and again since November 3rd “denied”.  There will be no hearing, no arguments, no investigation, no testimonies or evidence given.

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