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What The Nashville Bomber Did Just Before Is Absolutely Insane!

This issue with the RV bombing in Nashville over Christmas weekend could have been a lot worse than it ended up being and it is due to the assistance of some of the fine people in law enforcement that came to the aid of many people.

It is mind-blowing when you hear people talk ill of the police that so many of them went into an obviously dangerous situation to help others. You know this is something that will not get talked about nearly enough.

However, one of the things that needs to be said plainly, there are going to be a lot of liberals in the coming days and weeks that will try to say that just because this hateful individual had leanings towards Donald Trump that every person that supports Trump will do something like this. Entirely not the case.

The RV that exploded into a massive fireball Christmas morning in downtown Nashville was playing Petula Clark’s classic pop song “Downtown” shortly before the blast shook the city, a responding cop said Sunday.

Officer James Luellen, one of the six hero cops who evacuated civilians from the area as the explosive-rigged RV blared an audio warning, recalled hearing the vehicle’s intermittent countdown change to the 1965 chart-topper.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The music started, and I notified over the [police radio] air to notify other officers,” said Luellen, speaking alongside four of his fellow cops in a Sunday press briefing. “Then, after the song, it continued to go back to the announcement for a little while.”

“What I remembered was, ‘Downtown, where the lights shine bright,’ ” he continued. “Later, the ATF agent I spoke to pulled it up, and … ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark was the specific song that was played.”

Police said the RV sounded warnings to evacuate and a 15-minute countdown to clear the area. The voice of the woman on the recording is believed to be a robotic, computerized voice.

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