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Someone very young being in a position of power is always a very interesting thing. You see it a lot in the military.

I recall one time when I was in the military that there was this officer that wanted someone to do something that they knew was going to get people hurt. They were told to do it, they informed the officer that this machine wasn’t functioning right and that people were going to get hurt.

As it turned out, at that exact moment that this young officer was about to go ballistic on us for not following an order, someone above him came by and saw what was happening. That person chewed his ass out like I had never seen before.

Radical socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) lost out on a prized seat on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

It is no secret the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and AOC have had a tiff since the socialist came to her political seat. Well, Pelosi announced appointments to committees on Thursday where she appointed Rep. Kathleen Rice over AOC.

Both Rice and the socialist are from New York and were fighting over the seat and were lobbying to colleagues in secrete for a week, Politico reported.

The sought after committee deals with things such as health care policy and climate change nonsense.

Rice ended up winning with a vote of 46-13.

Politico reports:

The panel launched into an intense round of speeches on each candidate, with several Democrats speaking up to lobby against Ocasio-Cortez, a freshman member and social media star who is seen as a political threat by many of the caucus’s moderates for her far-left policies. On the video call, several Democrats called out Ocasio-Cortez’s efforts to help liberal challengers take out their own incumbents, as well as her refusal to pay party campaign dues.

“I’m taking into account who works against other members in primaries and who doesn’t,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said on the call, according to multiple sources. Cuellar successfully fended off a primary challenge from Jessica Cisneros, who Ocasio-Cortez supported.

Many of the longstanding Democrats were hesitant to get involved in the battle of the two New York lawmakers.

AOC has been one of the most radical lawmakers in the United States’ history and has concocted insane plans that she wants to see implemented.

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