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Bannon Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL That The MSM Refuses To Recognize!

Every so often, you get people that know a lot about a situation just based on knowing the people that are involved.

Steve Bannon is one of those people that definitely know a lot of the players in what is presently going on in our political landscape.

He’s definitely got a good lay of the land and when it comes to figuring out what is going to happen next, he would be a pretty good guy to have on your side.

Whistleblower Jesse Morgan, a USPS Contract Truck Driver, appeared on Steve Bannon’s radio show “War Room” to talk about what he has been through after coming forward alleging that he witnessed the shipping of an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed ballots across three state lines just before the 2020 election.

In the interview with Steve Bannon, Jesse Morgan revealed that the FBI had interrogated him like a criminal and harassed his family instead of actually investigating his allegations.

“Are authorities coming to you and saying, ‘Hey we need to sit down and interview you?’ What is going on to find out where these ballots are and what they were used for?” Bannon asked.

“You know, it is really funny that you say that. I’ve been interviewed, so I had a meeting with the FBI, and the OGI or some agency from the post office and a few other people. So basically the interview, okay, so here I am the witness basically gets kind of like interrogated I guess, you’d say. Which is cool I understand they’re doing their job. So I give them what I saw, what happened to me, what I’d done. And what they wanted to do instead of focusing on the picture they wanted to focus over here and try to figure out how I came on TV. It’s really sad to be honest,” Morgan responded, referring to a press conference aired on television that he participated in.

“Hold on, explain that to people. They weren’t so much focused on the trailer that gets filled up with ballots in Bethpage, New York, and then carted into Pennsylvania and goes missing after you’re kinda given the run-around? They wanna know how people got to you and how you came on TV?” Steve Bannon asked.

“Yeah, so basically this is just how it feels, okay? So during the interview I can understand where they’re at, but basically the one gentleman is kind like mixing up my words. He didn’t understand what I was saying. I speak pretty clearly… So I give this information and then what they want to do with it is instead of investigating the information I gave is to go and start harassing my family, start asking questions of my family. How did I get here or whatever? And I just thought it interesting where this gentleman’s investigation took him. Instead of going Beth Page, Harrisburg, Lancaster the next day is over here,” Morgan answered.

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