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Yet ANOTHER Two Democrats Charged With Terrorism!

It sure is strange how as much as Democrats blame Republicans for every violent act that takes place in the United States that there ends up being so many acts of violence committed b Democrats.

Think about all of the things that were happening last spring and summer, it wasn’t exactly Republicans setting those places on fire now, was it?

Those peace loving Democrats are at it again. An alleged deputy field organizer for the Washington State branch of the Democrat party turned anarchist with an accomplice. Now, they’re looking at a long stretch in federal prison for tampering with trains. Ellen Brennan Reiche and her partner in crime, Samantha Frances Brooks, were charged with terrorist attacks on a railroad facility.

Federal charges were filed against two radical antifa-aligned terrorists in Washington state for putting jumper wires across train tracks to see how much mayhem they could unleash.

According to the LinkedIn for 23-year-old Ellen Reiche, since removed, she was proud to serve as “deputy field organizer for Washington State Democrats,” Law Enforcement Today relates.

Along with her friend and co-terrorist, 27-year-old Samantha Brooks, they admitted what they did on “It’s Going Down,” described by the DOJ in a press release as “a popular website used to spread the ideology of Antifa enthusiasts.”

The anonymous authors detailed how “they were able to ‘interrupt’ the supply chain from Washington to Canada” with a piece of wire and some magnets.

The loyal Democrats “disrupted the high volume railway that moves resources from the active ports of Everett, Edmonds, Seattle, and further south to the Blaine border crossing into Canada. We were able to interrupt the track circuit used to detect the presence or absence of a train on the tracks.”

It doesn’t take a lot of training to commit domestic terrorism. “With high resolution maps, Google Street view, good scouting, and a little flexibility, this tactic is fast and discreet.”

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