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Florida GOV Just Made MAJOR Move To Protect YOUR RIGHTS!

Usually, when people think that they can get you to do one thing they think that they can get you to do another, and sometimes they will hold that one thing over your head.

Loo at any relative that you have had that did a favor for you one time, they will hold that over your head until the end of time.

The same thing with the government, if they can get you to do one thing they will try to get you to do another. Thankfully there are people in the government that are trying to keep that from happening.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently extended a September order that prohibited the local enforcement of mask mandates and business restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Tuesday’s renewed order, which was originally issued Sept. 25, prevents local government from infringing on businesses’ operations, forbids local governments from forcing restaurants to limit indoor capacity to 50 percent capacity and suspends fine collection for mask ordinance violations, according to WFOR-TV.

The governor’s order did not outright forbid mask mandates, the local outlet reported.

The extension detailed that Florida “continues to suffer economic harm as a result of COVID-19 related closures, exacerbating the impacts of the State of Emergency, and Floridians should not be prohibited by local governments from working or operating a business,” according to WFOR.

DeSantis’ mandate will remain in effect until the state’s virus emergency declaration is lifted, the local outlet reported.

Florida has nearly 939,000 COVID-19 cases with approximately 54,000 positive tests within the last seven days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The state has around 85 deaths per 100,000 residents, government data showed.

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