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The NFL’s Rating Just Came In, And They Are Getting Absolutely CREAMED!

It would seem that now that people have nowhere to go due to all the impending shutdowns and restrictions all over the country that people are finding other things to do.

I have a friend that has a massive collection of old television shows and things like that. Once a week he will organize something he calls a broadcast day for his family where he mimics a three to four-hour block of television on a given evening.

His kids love it, they think it is kind of neat seeing what TV shows were on in the old days. Shoot, he even edits in old commercials. Do you know what they and millions of other families aren’t doing? Watching football.

The word “struggling,” doesn’t seem to be strong enough to describe what has happened to the ratings for NBC’s Sunday Night Football and ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Sunday Night Football’s Patriots-Ravens game last weekend was down a whopping 31 percent over last year’s Week 10 game become the season’s least-watched Sunday game, according to Sports Media Watch.

“Ratings have dropped for all 11 NFL games on NBC this season, with viewership down for all-but-one,” SMW reported.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Monday Night Football averaged 11.45 million viewers and was the series’ second-best Week 10 audience since 2015, it was still down 28 percent over last season.

On the other hand, Fox earned 18.24 million viewers Sunday with its Buccaneers-Panthers game becoming the most-watched game since 2016 when a Week 16 game earned 18.40 million viewers on Fox on Christmas Eve.

However, the Seahawks-Rams and Bengals-Steelers games on Fox lost twenty percent and 13 percent respectively.

As to CBS, its Bills-Cardinals game was off 35 percent.

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