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Sleepy Joe Now Telling You How Many People Can Be In YOUR HOME!

For a couple of years, my family hosted a Super Bowl party and one year we had like sixteen people over. It was folks my parents knew from work and it was pretty cool.

The next year, it was just us and my parents. The reason they gave when I asked about it was that they had so many people over last year and it was their decision. Nobody told them how many people have over.

Far as I am concerned, what happens inside my home is my business.

I do not know about you, but I am having a hard time coming to terms with the idea that Americans voted to be locked down in their homes and told how many people they should invite to Thanksgiving dinner.  Had ‘you know, the thing’ been as deadly as we originally were told, then perhaps I would understand, but the people I know who have come down with, the thing, are largely asymptomatic.

I am not arguing that the thing is not dangerous for certain people, but I think Americans would prefer to take extra precautions for those who are at higher risk, but let the us make our own decisions about what we do, do and what risks we chose to take.  After all, that is what ‘freedom’ is all about, the right to make your own choices.

While Trump wants to ‘open the country up’, Biden seem eager to shut it down, constantly wanting of a ‘dark winter’ ahead of us.

Now Biden is telling Americans that they should be responsible and only have 10 people, maximum over for Thanksgiving, and ‘socially distance.’  The real problem here is that the establishment has lost all of its credibility with the American people.  The media, the government, the justice system, etc have all lied to us so often that even if they were telling the truth about …anything, very few people are going to believe them.  The American oligarchy has essentially turned into the boy who cried wolf.

Fox News is reporting on daddy Biden’s ‘suggestions’”

‘President-elect Joe Biden says that public health experts tell him they recommend limiting Thanksgiving family gatherings to 10 people or fewer as the coronavirus pandemic surges again across the country.

The former vice president also called promising reports on vaccine developments “great news,” and said he “wouldn’t hesitate” to get vaccinated if it’s deemed safe by top government infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. And Biden said that the sooner he and his team are given access to the Trump administration’s vaccine distribution plans, “the sooner this transition would be smoothly moved forward.”

..and while he praised both Democratic and Republican governors for their mask mandates, he avoided taking a stance on whether he’d support reimplementing stay-at-home orders.

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