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Democrats PANICKING! Swing States Going To Trump!

People need to understand that at the end of the day, turnout means a lot when it comes to overall support.

If people want to show their support they will show up no matter what. If people want something bad enough, they will show up no matter what.

Biden is probably shaking right now. This is his last shot at this. At his age, he will never get this opportunity again.

I’ve mentioned my friend in Pennsylvania before.  He and his father went to the Trump rally in Bucks County yesterday, they had a blast.  I’m sure you have seen the already iconic photo of one of Trump’s rallies in Pennsylvania.  Some people remarked that it looked like ‘Woodstock for adults’ or a ‘rock concert.’

Via: Reuters

Compare this with Biden’s rallies and you get a starkly different picture than the one the polls are painting.  If I do not mention that fact that Biden says he is limiting his rallies because of the virus, and that the crowds are not due lack of enthusiasm, but ‘safety measures’ the ‘fact checkers’ will get me.  When considering this, think about how many Trump lawn signs you have seen … and how many Biden signs you have seen … I’m sure the differential is due to heath risks too ?

Now the the election is upon us, the Democrats are getting nervous, apparently very nervous for states they were told they were up big in … like MI, and FL, IA and Arizona, and especially Pennsylvania…

Breitbart reported: ‘Democrats are anxious about Pennsylvania and a “potential late shift” towards President Donald Trump that could threaten their narrow lead, according to the Washington Post on Sunday.

The concern was embodied in what the Post called a “last-minute, two-day blitz” for Biden in the state, as Trump held four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The paper reported:

Most Democrats still believe Biden will capture Pennsylvania, and he maintains a modest polling lead there, but their confidence has eroded in recent weeks with emerging signs of a tightening contest in the state, according to elected officials, strategists and party activists. Both sides believe the outcome in Pennsylvania will be crucial in determining who wins the White House.

Democrats are worried for a variety of reasons, the paper reported. They are worried about problems with mail-in balloting, which Democrats heavily encouraged in recent weeks. They are worried about a “voter surge” in so-called “White, rural areas” favorable to Trump and signs of a lower-than-anticipated turnout among the Democratic base.

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