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BOMBSHELL PHOTOS LEAKED: Hunter and Obama’s Daughter Malia Having COKE PARTY!

One of the sad things about this whole situation with Hunter Biden is the people that he has brought into his whole sordid world.

It’s not just his own self that is being corrupted, it is people in and around his orbit.

We know that people that work with each other sometimes know each other’s families and that they talk, spend time together. But not generally in the way Hunter Biden spends time.

The biggest bombshell yet to explode out of Hunter Biden’s errant laptop involves a cocaine and copulation scandal starring none other than Malia Obama.

A photo surfaced about the same time the FBI took custody of the evidence which shows up in the latest document dump and convincingly seems to indicate that the credit card used by Barack Obama’s oldest alleged daughter was powdered up with Hunter Biden’s coke, while they got frisky in some live action video.

The FBI agents probably popped some popcorn for the viewing but they never bothered to investigate any of the crimes it revealed.

Malia Obama now a famous porn star

Malia Obama can thank Hunter Biden for launching her porn star career. When a photo leaked last year, possibly from inside the FBI, the Obamas rushed to do damage control. As Aceshowbiz reported, “A Twitter user who goes by the name Old Row posted on the micro-blogging site a photo of cocaine and a black credit card that appeared to belong to Malia.

The post soon went viral, with a number of people believing that the former First Daughter’s friends were the ones who took the photo and shared it online.” Now that we know the image was on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and also know that the FBI got that laptop shortly before the photo surfaced, the dots are starting to connect. The freshly dumped laptop images show “the rest of the story.”

In the past few days, the world learned that Hunter Biden isn’t allowed anywhere near a female family relative. Those who closely follow the ins and outs of the political intrigue have narrowed down the possibilities based on clues, to speculate that the girl was none other than Beau Biden’s daughter.

Put that together with photos of a coke crazed Malia face down on Hunter Biden’s mattress, it leads to twitter posts like, “when Hunter Biden wasn’t having sex with his dead brother’s wife and 14 year old daughter he was also having sex with one of Obama’s daughters.” Isn’t that interesting.

The first time the cocaine and Malia Obama credit card image popped up coincides with when the FBI took custody of the laptop, indicating it could have been leaked by an agent upset with their Hillary Clinton fan club. Fox News published “detailed FBI paperwork showing the bureau’s contact with John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the repair shop who reported the laptop’s contents to authorities.

The documents show that Isaac received a subpoena to testify before U.S. District Court in Delaware on December 9, 2019, according to the report. The documents also include what appears to be serial numbers for a laptop and hard drive recovered by the FBI.” The image went public on December 23, 2019, as a Christmas present to the Obamas.

Obama 22 this year

Malia Obama turned 22 this past July. Though the images aren’t dated, they don’t obviously indicate she was underage when the incident allegedly occurred. No matter how old you are, it’s illegal to use cocaine, even if you are the daughter of an ex-president or son of an ex-vice president. It looks like the Biden’s were particularly suited for the “vice” part.

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