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ALERT: Police Bust Man Who Was Plotting ASSASSINATION!

One of the things that is so maddeningly sad about our current political landscape is that everyone seems so angry all the time.

You get people that get so worked up that they want to resort to acts of violence to get their point across instead of finding a better way to do it.

It’s terribly sickening and you have to wonder what gets into the minds of people.

Just as the preverbal ‘fiit is hitting the shan’ and allegations of Joe Biden’s corruption and abuse of power are forcing their way into the main steam, surprise!  News breaks that Joe Biden may have been targeted for assassination by … a man arrested on child pornography charges (no, not his son Hunter, I said ‘arrested.’)

Excuse me for being skeptical but the timing of this report is beyond suspicious and the details read like they were written in crayon and from the mind of a child.

TMZ is reporting:

A North Carolina man may have been plotting the assassination of Joe Biden and showed an alarming fascination with domestic terrorism … this according to the FBI.

The feds filed legal docs detailing why Alexander Hillel Treisman — who was originally arrested back in May on child pornography charges — should remain locked up pending trial. Among the reasons the FBI wants to keep him behind bars … a possible plot to assassinate the Democratic Presidential nominee.

The feds claim Treisman posted a meme on social media — asking if he should kill Biden. The feds say he had planned on traveling to a Wendy’s that’s 4 miles from Biden’s home. The feds claim they also found a checklist that ended with the word “execute.”

And, then there’s this … in docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds say back in May they found Treisman’s van filled with guns and explosives … from an AR-15 style rifle and a Taurus .380 caliber handgun to a canister of the explosive material Tannerite. What’s more … the feds say Treisman had $509k in U.S. currency, books about survival and bomb-making and drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings.

The feds also say they uncovered driver’s licenses from 3 different states. According to docs … Treisman’s Internet searches between March and May 2020 also included information about Biden’s home address and night-vision goggles, among other things.

And, if that’s not terrifying enough … the feds allege they found an October 2019 note created on Treisman’s Samsung cell phone about a plan to carry out a mass shooting at a mall food court on Christmas Day or Black Friday.

For the record, I pray that nothing happens to Joe Biden and that he lives a long, long life.  If there are threats to his life I hope they are neutralized and anyone plotting to hurt him should be turned in and face a jury of their peers.

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