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SURPRISE! Rudy Has Fired A Big One At Biden..It’s OVER!

When you have something as big as a presidential campaign going on, you want someone like Rudy on your side.

Think about it, the guy knows how to handle just about every situation that can be thrown someone’s way. He is probably one of the more brilliant strategists that I have seen come along in a good long time.

When you have something as momentous as a presidential campaign going on you need to know every possible thing about your opponent that you can take advantage of.

I do not think any of us saw this coming … not just the email scandal, but the incredible draconian response from the tech giants, working in unison to literally interfere in the election by trying to hide potentially damning information about their favorite candidate.

After talking with some legal experts on the matter and folks who work on ‘The Hill’ I have a feeling that this is going to be a pivotal moment, not only for the Biden crime family, but for ‘Big Tech’ as well.  Very few people think that Facebook and Twitter should be able to censor the way they have been.  It is something out of a dystopian novel.

There are still many more documents to be released and with this much time left before the election, one can assume they are only going to get more damning.

There are rumors that some of the information on the device contains evidence of some of the most heinous crimes a human being could commit, although, once again, the authenticity of the drive, nor the rumored content has been released.

Rudy Giuliani has just made one of the boldest claims in political history. He says that information from a hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden will deliver victory to Trump.

Many people have vogued for the authenticity of the information. However, the hard drive has not been verified.  In an interview with the Daily Caller Rudy said he has the proof that the information is accurate and that he will release it. It’s worth noting that the Bien camp is yet to deny the authenticity of the emails.

Rudy is under pressure to release the complete hard drive, all in one big dump.  However, Rudy says that he is releasing it piecemeal in order to catch Biden in lies as they make misstatements truing to cover up the facts as he releases more info.  Rudy says he has already caught the Biden team in one lie, although he did not say what that lie was during his interview with the Daily Caller.

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