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Everyone makes the comments about Biden being a little too handsy with younger people and liberals for some reason laugh it off.

It sucks because a crime against a child is the worst thing that someone can do. Hell, even mass murderers can’t stand people that hurt kids.

At the end of the day, people associated with people like that need to be brought to justice. Even if those people are running for President.

D.C. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden fundraised for his daughter-in-law Kathleen’s nonprofit group the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, which sends court-appointed attorneys to insert themselves into divorce and custody cases on behalf of children.

The DC Volunteer Lawyers Project quietly dismissed a volunteer lawyer who was accused of propositioning a teen boy in a courthouse bathroom in 2011.

The boy’s mother told NATIONAL FILE that she believes the Biden group’s volunteer lawyer was using his power to victimize her son as part of a pattern of the employee inviting “boys” to his home for supposed mentoring.

Her son, who she said does not want to be involved in a political article for fear of his own employment, confirmed the basic details of his mother’s version of events but says that he did not feel victimized — however, witnesses confirm that he felt victimized at the time of the incident. A witness calls the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project a “sleazy group” and said “they hang out all over the courthouses.”

Emails provided to NATIONAL FILE by a former Washington Examiner editor and a separate witness statement confirm that a complaint was made to the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project. Kathleen Biden helped found the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project in 2008 and became a co-chair of the group during her failed marriage to Hunter Biden, who attended at least one fundraiser for the group. In 2019, it was reported that Kathleen was working full-time for the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, which counted CNN’s Jake Tapper as its gala guest. Joe Biden attended at least three fundraisers for the group as Vice President in 2013, 2014, and 2015, after the bathroom incident occurred. Hunter Biden and Kathleen divorced after Hunter’s Ashley Madison account, which he tried to blame on Russian imposters, was traced to Georgetown University during the period he was teaching there.

A Mother Speaks Out

Victoria Rose is a retired Marine and expert on homeschooling who accompanied her son Jefferson to her friend’s custody hearing at a courthouse in Washington, D.C. There, her son had a bathroom run-in with an employee from the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project named James Marion Broadstone. Multiple members of Victoria’s group who were present that day confirmed the following story in its entirety.

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