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He Let His DAUGHTER DIE In A HOT CAR! His Reason Will Make You FURIOUS!

There’s two groups that you should spare all cost to protect, and that’s animals and children.

I remember a few years ago, and this was probably the maddest I ever got in my life, there was someone moving into a house about three doors down from us. For about 2o minutes or so I saw nobody coming and going from this car these people had. I walked past like I was getting m mail and I saw this little kid, probably no more than two years old strapped in a safety seat. It was 102 degrees out.

I stood there for about five minutes waiting for someone to come out and when they did I might have ripped them a new one if they didn’t immediately apologize and that they had forgotten and all this other crap they were telling me. Another two minutes I told them, and I was going to break the window out and tell them to send me a bill.

A Nevada man placed money over his dying daughter’s life, according to police.

Cops say Las Vegas dad Sidney Deal was more concerned about the cost of a broken car window than his 1-year-old girl locked inside the vehicle on a hot afternoon.

After Deal allegedly locked his keys in the car where his daughter Sayah was trapped, he declined assistance from his brother and police to break the window to his new vehicle because he feared he wouldn’t be able to afford the damage cost, reported the Las Vegas Sun.

Deal attempted to downplay the severity of the situation by claiming Sayah was fine with the air conditioner on despite a high temperature of a scorching-hot 98 degrees on Monday, according to AccuWeather.

Deal’s partner was in contact with an insurance company representative who offered to send a tow truck during the ordeal, but he told her to end the call because the tow cost was too steep, according to the arrest report.

Cops claim that Sayah was in a “high heat environment” for about an hour and was dead when officers eventually smashed the window.

“The dad said that the (air conditioner) was on and the kid was playing, and when the officers arrived they saw that she was breathing,” explained police spokesman Larry Hadfield. “But when the officers got concerned for the child’s well-being, they broke the window.”

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