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As Seattle Falls Into COMMUNIST MADNESS, One Group Is Saying NO MORE!

I cannot imagine living in the city of Seattle or anywhere near it right now.

Even with the pandemic going on, I like to go out for a regular walk, with a mask on hand in case things get crowded, of course, just to get some exercise.

The problem with a city like Seattle is that it is the type of place where it seems like you can’t walk down the street without getting caught up in some kind of violent demonstration.

It is becoming a lawless hellhole.

Private security guard Tracey Baker prevented a sexual assault on Wednesday outside of the Seattle apartment building he was hired to protect.

On Wednesday, Baker saw a man attacking a woman outside of Wintonia Apartments in Capitol Hill. Baker approached the suspect, identified as Thomas Williams, and told him, “You need to back off.”

Baker walked Komo News reporter Jonathan Choe through the events: “He went to the street (and) I actually grabbed him, and led him back to the gate right here.” Baker cuffed Williams and contacted the police.

According to officials, Williams struck the woman and was attempting to pull her into a nearby alley with the intent to rape her when Baker stepped in. Williams has denied the allegations, and claims he was outside waiting for his wife, who he says lives in the apartment complex.

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