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NEW POLL Shows That Sleepy Joe Is Waking Up And SWEATING BULLETS!

The mainstream media would like you to think that everything that is going on with President Trump is doom and gloom.

However, if you recall around this time in 2016 they were predicting damn near a Hillary landslide, and look how all of that turned out.

All we have to do is get a little closer to the election and we will have the true knowledge on what is going on.

If we all learned one thing from Trump’s historic victory in 2016, it is that one can not trust polls.  Saul Alinsky famously said the ‘facts are tactics,’ and now a days, so are polls.

Modern day Americans have become so dumbed down from being constantly bombarded by lies from TV and print media.  Factor that in with the transformation of almost all digital entertainment into weaponized political propaganda.  Then account for the education system having been taken over by radical leftists and Americans didn’t stand a chance.

The establishment is praying that the band wagon effect from their never ending disinformation campaigns will be enough to convince the nation that ‘orange man bad.’  Well, some new polls seem to be troubling news for the ‘elite.’  Don’t looks now but President Trump has the lead, even in polls, in 3 major battleground states.

Fox News is reporting:

‘New polls in three crucial general election battleground states show President Trumpholding the edge over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The president tops Biden 51%-47% among likely voters in Florida and Trump holds a 1-point 49%-48% edge over the former vice president among likely voters in Arizona, according to ABC News/Washington Post public opinion surveys released on Wednesday. The president’s margins in both polls are within the sampling error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points, meaning the races are practically tied between the two candidates’.

As someone who lives in Florida, I can tell you first hand, the enthusiasm for President Trump is off the charts.  Every week I see flash rallies is support of the President.  There are Trump lawn signs everywhere.  In all honesty, I think I have seen 3 Biden signs all year.  Perhaps people are just hidin’ their signs just like their candidate, Sleepy Joe Biden, is hidin’ himself.

According to these polls, Trump holds a 48%-46%  lead among likely voters in Georgia, based on a high voter turnout model that a Monmouth University survey released on Wednesday. To be fair, the 2% lead was well within the margin of error for the study, which was 4 points.

With 29 electoral votes, Florida is often the state which literally ‘swings’ the election.

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