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She Tried To Commit Insurance Fraud With Her Boyfriend. Her “Cut” Wasn’t What ANYONE EXPECTED! [VIDEO]

Usually, when people commit insurance fraud that involves injury of some kind, they try to say that their back hurts or something like that.

However, never think that you have heard everything when it comes to the ways that some people will try to scam insurance companies out of money.

You have to think that there are much better ways to make money than to risk permanent injury.

In what could be described as the unkindest cut of all, a Slovenian woman who severed her hand as part of an insurance scheme is now heading to prison along with her boyfriend.

Prior to the August 2019 incident in which Julija Adlešič, 22, of Ljubljana, said her hand was severed while cutting branches, she had taken out five insurance policies that would have paid her $1.16 million, according to the BBC.

The policies were taken out in 2018 and were all up to date when the incident took place.

No money was ever paid out.

But when prosecutors delved into the tale, they found that even before the accident, Sebastien Abramov, her boyfriend, had been looking up information about artificial hands, Total Slovenia News reported.

Prosecutors said Adlešič used a circular saw to cut off her left hand at the wrist.

Although she denied the injury was intentional, prosecutors alleged and the court agreed that she and Abramov left her severed hand behind when they went to the hospital to ensure she had a permanent disability upon which to collect.

If that was the plan, it failed, because her hand was found in time to have it reattached.

Adlešič will be locked up for two years, Abramov for three years.

Abramov’s father, Gorazd Colarič, was found guilty of playing a role in the scheme and was given a one-year suspended sentence with two years on probation.

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