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What One McDonald’s Owner Did After Hurricane Laura Will Make Your Heart Sing!

One thing that many of us were told, probably though the great Mr. Rogers, was that whenever something bad happens in the world you should always look for the people that are helping.

After a storm, you don’t have to be the guy with the chainsaw pulling trees out of people’s homes.

Sometimes all you need to be able to do is whatever you can do. I have a lot of portable power banks that I keep in the home and when the power went out here during a bad storm a few years ago I loaned them to my neighbors so they could get in touch with their families.

After Hurricane Laura tore through Louisiana, those who experienced the most damage were left without power or water, many forced to pick up the pieces of their lives without the simple comfort of a hot meal.

Rikesh Patel owns 25 McDonald’s locations in Louisiana, and his Lake Charles restaurants were hardest hit. In a generous gesture, he decided to help out his own but also the community.

Offering his own workers places to stay if their homes were damaged and time-and-a-half pay, according to CNN, he also called corporate the day after the hurricane hit and asked for a McRig. One made the trek from Kentucky and arrived the day after he requested it.

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