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TRAGIC: Friend Of EXECUTED Trump Supporter Tells What REALLY Happened! [VIDEO]

One of the things that people do not understand about politics is that not everything has to be this life and death ideological struggle. Not everything has to be a big fight.

But no, liberals don’t exactly see things that way. Everything thas to be some big deal where people have to throw fists or worse on a disagreement.

Conservatives did not start this. You don’t see conservatives going out and trashing their cities, do you?

Over the weekend, a Trump supporter was shot and killed by Joe Biden supporters. The man has since been identified as Aaron “Jay” Danielson, and there is a crowdsourcing page set up for his family. An unidentified friend of his shares what happened that night in horrific detail.

As you listen to this, keep in mind: These are the people and this is the violence that other Joe Biden supporters in the media claim don’t exist. And that they ignored until it affected Joe Biden’s poll numbers.

You can already hear Biden supporters trying to blame a Trump supporter being murdered on Donald Trump.

And not the violence Biden supporters have been ignoring for the past few months, if they haven’t actually been encouraging it. Like, say for example, Joe Biden’s running mate.

Now the new message is that the only way to stop Joe Biden supporters from burning buildings, destroying people’s livelihoods, and now killing people is to vote for Joe Biden.

Yeah, f*ck you all very much with that. Biden’s supporters wanted the chaos. Biden supporters promoted the chaos, Joe Biden owns the chaos.

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