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There are times when you get into an argument with your significant other where you just have to leave the room for a little while and let cooler heads prevail.

I cannot imagine getting so mad at someone that I try to rip a part of their body off of their body. It is just one of those things that when you think about it, you have to wonder if that person really thinks that this was going to get the other person to see things their way.

After slashing the tires on her boyfriend’s car, a Florida Woman struck the man and grabbed his scrotum “with such force that it removed the skin from the entirety of the victim’s right testicle,” police charge.

Cops allege that Donika Shaniece Mays, 29, battered the victim yesterday afternoon during a confrontation in their Tampa-area apartment. Mays, who has the victim’s name tattooed on her arm, was arrested on a felony battery charge.

According to an arrest affidavit, Mays and the victim had been arguing all morning before matters turned criminal. Mays and the man have been in a relationship for four years and have a two-year-old child.

The victim told police that he discovered that his vehicle’s tires had been slashed, adding that Mays admitted to the vandalism. While waiting for a tow truck to arrive, the affidavit reported, Mays resumed arguing with her boyfriend and began “striking the victim with open hands as he continuously backed away.”

At one point, Mays allegedly grabbed the clothed victim’s private parts. She “did so with such force that it removed the skin from the entirety of the victim’s right testicle,” wrote Officer Colin Bolton.

When asked by police about the dispute, Mays replied that she “had grabbed the victim’s testicles and had been in a physical altercation with him.”

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