Thug Starts FIGHT, But Then Someone Steps In And Teaches Him A Lesson [WATCH]

Too often, bullies are able to pick on their victims in the schoolyard with impunity. Those who’ve been through it know how it feels.

However, when the victim becomes the victor, that’s a time for everyone to celebrate.

And that’s exactly what happened here, with this viral video of yet another high-school parking lot fight that didn’t go the way a larger, more-muscular bully intended it to go.

The video begins in medias res, as the dreadlocked bully had already discarded his shirt and shifted into a boxing stance. His opponent, demonstrably smaller, demonstrably paler and dressed in a blue t-shirt and jeans, seemed better equipped for computer science class than a fight in the parking lot.

And, of course, there were ubiquitous teenagers gathering around the fight like in “Street Fighter II,” cheering them on as if this were a good thing.

That’s when things began to turn around. The bullied kid went with a UFC-style takedown that the bully wasn’t prepared for. After a bit of grappling, the kid who was being bullied suddenly unleashes a torrent of vicious right-hand blows, knocking the bully’s head against the pavement over and over again.

As the horribly pounded bully was told to “get the f*** up!” (yeah, in case you hadn’t somehow guessed already, this video is not safe for environments where you’re in a cubicle and being paid to be there), the bullied kid gloats a bit and then deals him another blow that sends him straight to the canvas (or tarmac) again.

Again: NSFW

Let’s again remind everyone that we don’t endorse beating people up like this. However, this is the way bullies are cured.

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