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What Section 8 THUGS Did To This Landlord’s House Is DISGUSTING! (VIDEO)

In a time when landlords are under as much scrutiny as they ever been when it came to letting people slide on rent payments, it is sad to see when people abuse folks that are doing good.

I rented a place many years ago from this guy who at the time was dealing with another tenant he was having to evict due to nonpayment. He went into the guy’s place the day after he was evicted and it was sad the state that the place was left in.

When a landlord learned about a program to have the government subsidize some of their mortgage payment, they jumped at the opportunity to get on board. But in order to access the government funds, the landlord needed to invite Section 8 tenants into the beautiful home. Unfortunately, the people who ended up living in the rental did not show the property the respect that the landlord would have hoped.

In a thread on Reddit, one person decided to share the ugly story about how the tenant trashed the entire two-story property after getting a good deal to live in it.

One person believed that renting to Section 8 is a bad idea.

“This is why good landlords will not rent to Section 8 people. They always wreck their rentals, lower housing prices in the area, and have the cops show up every few nights because of various domestic disturbances and drug offenses.”

Obviously, this person’s description is stereotyping Section 8 renters and is not wholly true. Many Section 8 renters are just looking for an opportunity to get a good price on rent so they can lift themselves up and improve their lives.

One person who grew up in Section 8 housing offered the following response to the previous comment.

“My family grew up in Section 8 housing. We never trashed or ruined houses. We just needed the help because of my parents’ divorce and my sister’s health problems. Now that it’s just my mom and sister they’re trying to move closer to her doctors, and no one will take section 8.”

Viewers of the shocking video shared numerous comments on Reddit, the online social-sharing forum. Here are some of the most striking remarks left by viewers like you.

“Good lord. I want to cry for this guy. The house was beautiful before they f***ed it all up. It would probably put me off ever renting again if I was him.”

While some people have bad luck with tenants, there are a lucky few who get the cream of the crop. And that means they get a peace of mind that is worth every penny.

Another wrote, “I’m renting out a one-bedroom beach condo to a couple, and I’ve been charging them around $250 below market price for the last 5 years. Why? Because they are fantastic, reliable tenants. Heck, sometimes the guy just fixes small things on his own (with my permission) because they know they are getting a great deal. I’ll do a walkthrough every 18 months or so, and it’s always in great condition. The piece of mind I get is worth it to me, especially since I live in another state.”

It is unfortunate that someone trashed this landlord’s property.

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