SICK: Disney Went Full Out Lesbian With Graphic Scene Targeting Kids

Hollywood has been making a big push recently to normalize gay relationships and the “gay lifestyle” by promoting on-screen same-sex relationships in major movies. Now, they’re taking it to the television.

Breitbart reported that Disney’s “Once Upon A Time” shocked families when it featured its first ever same-sex on-screen kiss between Ruby and Dorothy.

During the episode, Ruby realized that she has feelings for Dorthy, and turns to Mulan for advice. Mulan spit out boilerplate advice that wasn’t any different than something that could easily be found on the Internet.

“I know we just met, but I have never felt like this about anyone before,” Dorthy confessed to Mulan.

“Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how you feel,” Mulan replied.

How insightful. Thanks, Dr. Phil.

Ruby then rushed to find Dorthy asleep because of the wicked witch, and then kissed her “true love” to wake her. Then they live happily every after, or something like that.

The show’s creators defended the kiss, stating that it reflected real life and the diversity of relationships that now exist throughout the world.

Of course, that’s not much of an explanation. “Real life” includes diverse relationships like polygamy, incest, slavery, abuse and other dysfunctions. That shouldn’t make them fodder for a television show regularly watched by children.

“True love’s kiss has been a staple of this show since the beginning,” explained Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, the show’s creators. “This past Sunday’s episode was just another example of how in a fairy tale, as in life, love is love.”

I can’t wait until they start casting transgenders for the role of Disney princesses.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, even many in the LGBT community also expressed their outrage over the scene, albeit for different reasons.

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Once Upon A Time

True love’s kiss! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/7lIKU1X9dD

jan ?@puppyswans

.@OnceABC this was the LGBT couple you gave us, but it was the most offensive thing you guys have done to us in the years you’ve ignored us.

It looks like Disney managed to annoy people all over the political spectrum, and that’s not easy.

Many people are quite upset over this decision, stating that they don’t want their children exposed to this kind of stuff. Disney movies were expected to be fun and perhaps a little silly, not filled with agenda-driven messaging trying to brainwash children.


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