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When I had a job as a young man working at a small diner in high school, I had the great little perk of only having to pay for half my meals whenever I went into work and before and after shifts.

I would never order anything that big, usually something that was a couple of dollars. After a while, I ended up leaving that job around the time I graduated high school.

That same diner is still open all these years later, and I took my wife there for the first time when we visited my hometown not that long ago. It was the same owner and mostly the same people working there. I got the same meal that I would get every time, but I didn’t have half off. You know why?

Because that was the benefit of being officially associated with the diner. What Meghan and Harry are trying to do right now is quit a job and keep all the benefits.

Meghan Markle, the D-list actress who married Prince Harry in 2018, has convinced her spouse to make an unexpected move.

According to Meghan, she was so “exhausted” by all her work as a “senior member” of the Royal Family at the end of 2019, the duo took a six weeks break.

Now, Meghan and Harry have announced they will be abandoning their duties, but they still want all the benefits. Queen Elizabeth is giving them a reality check.

Meghan Markle is fulfilling all the naysayer’s predictions. Those of us who saw through the rushed wedding, while ditching all her immediate family and all of Markle’s “woke” political moves, said there will come a day when she would self-destruct.

Sadly, she is bringing her husband, Prince Harry, along for the ride. 

There is little doubt that Meghan is the one in charge. So, after the “American Duchess” complained of suffering from “exhaustion” at the end of 2019, from all of her labor-intensive work including appearances at societal events and shopping for all the right clothes, she and Harry embarked on a six weeks break.

Now, after consulting no one, including the Queen, they (Meghan) “decided” to step down as “senior” members of the Royal Family and will divide their time between the UK and North America, and aim to become “financially independent.”

Well, it’s a nice thought. Becoming “financially independent” means you pay your own way—for everything. 

Maybe they could have decided to get “financially independent” prior to the royal wedding. “This is all so smug and gross, considering British taxpayers already spent $3 million on Harry and Meghan’s wedding,” New York Post reports.

They made the announcement on their own new website which proves this was not coming from Buckingham Palace. Making matters worse for the “woke” Duchess, her ill-advised announcement showed utter disdain for the Queen and the Royal Family.

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