Black Woman Shocks White Cop With Surprise Request, Then He Sees What’s Just Out of Reach…. [WATCH]

A mom who was separated from her baby girl during the floods on Houston is now reunited with her daughter thanks to one police officer and thousands of strangers.

Harris County police officers saw Dajauh Henix and her baby struggling from the flooded house up to her neck and holding her 8-month-old daughter.

It was in that panicked moment that Cpl. Reed Clark of the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct spotted them as he piloted a personal watercraft on the street.

“I heard people screaming, ‘Baby!’ ” Clark told the news outlet. “She was holding the baby up and then the water would come up and you could see her neck and her head come under the water and she was trying to get to higher ground.”

As he came closer, he picked up Paige and told Hennix that her baby would be in a black truck at the front of the road.

But when Hennix got to dry land, she couldn’t find them. Hours passed and she was still searching for the officer and her daughter.

Hundreds of people worked together on social media to connect Dajauh to her lost infant, and it worked!

Hennix wanted to say thank you. Taking a KHOU news crew along to record video that has since been shared to YouTube, the mother tracked down Deputy Clark and wanted to let him know exactly how she felt about what he had done.

Of course, it was all smiles and hugs upon first laying eyes on each other once again – but that wasn’t all. Come to find out, Hennix brought the officer a baggie of goodies as a gift to officially say “thank you” for what he had done.

“I’m gonna get choked up,” Deputy Clark could be heard saying at the time. In the end, Clark says he’ll pass on the word hero, saying he was just out doing his job, but that’s exactly what he is.

Sources: Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook/ Video Credit: YouTube

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