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There are some people that just do not understand that there are people out there, that if they own a business, do not want to have to deal with certain things that make them uncomfortable for any reason.

For example, if you are the owner of a diner and you don’t want people that are visibly drunk from eating at your place, you should have the right not to let them in. That doesn’t mean that they should be able to sue you.

The same thing holds true for folks that have to deal with transgender people. You want a stylist to cut your hair, that’s fine. The second you ask someone to go near your genitals when it is clear they don’t want to is sexual assault.

The infamous “wax my balls” activist Jessica Yaniv has been caught on camera repeatedly punching Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte.

Yaniv is a Canadian trans activist who has repeatedly filed far fetched lawsuits against female estheticians who declined to wax his male genitals.

In the alarming footage, Yaniv can be seen physically assaulting the reporter and following him while demanding that he get away from her.

Following the incident, Bexte tweeted the video and wrote, “J. Yaniv just punched me in the back of the head. Just spoke to police. Luckily there are two security cameras directly overhead at the courthouse. I need an advil.”

“Yaniv is out of control — and the courts and police continue to cover for him. If this is how he abuses people when he knows cameras are rolling, one can only imagine what he does to those poor immigrant women he corners in their waxing salons. He’s a bully — but only because the courts and cops are afraid of being called ‘transphobic’. No single person, however, is doing more to discredit the trans political agenda than this predator, who is so obviously gaming the system,” Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant told the Gateway Pundit following the attack.

When asked by TGP if they would be seeking criminal charges, Levant said that they are consulting lawyers now, but that police have refused in the past.

Yaniv has previously assaulted another Rebel journalist with a cane.

Yaniv has previously been caught sending sexually explicit messages to underage teenagers and even described how he would like to assist 10-year-old girls who needed help with their menstrual products.

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