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Looks Like Matt Gaetz Isn’t Trump’s Lap Dog After All

Notoriously left-leaning CNN is thrilled to report that Florida lawmaker Matt Gaetz “pushed his fellow Republicans to buck President Donald Trump and vote in support of the Iran War powers resolution.”

Conservative Americans aren’t real happy that Gaetz crossed the aisle, but they’re actually glad to see the young legislator stand up to the president and assert his individuality. Up until now he’s been seen as an eager puppy, trotting along in Trump’s footsteps.

When you put what actually transpired under the microscope, it appears that Matt Gaetz may be crazy like a fox. If he was going to buck the president on something, this is a harmless vote to do it on. The resolution isn’t binding and can’t legally be enforced.

Gaetz instructed his office to send out an email to fellow Republicans, asking them to consider voting in favor of the resolution, knowing full well the White House was lobbying hard against it.

“We WILL be voting in favor of H. Con. Res. 83, and hope you will do the same!”

Both the Washington Post and CNN gleefully report “That attempt to convince other Republicans, along with his own vote, made Gaetz the subject of Trump’s ire.”

President Trump understands completely that Gaetz needs to improve his image on the home front and “a source familiar with the matter” leaked to CNN that “Trump told associates he wasn’t very happy with Gaetz’s vote, but it’s not expected to have a lasting impact on their relationship.”

For Gaetz, it was imperative that he pick an issue to challenge Trump on, but he’s smart enough to realize not to make it a crucial one. In this case, Nancy Pelosi was afraid if she did it the legal binding way, then the Senate would have a mechanism to send it to limbo and Trump would simply veto it into the wastebasket. Instead, she chose to go the symbolic but non-binding route.

“I think he would’ve preferred I voted differently,” Gaetz acknowledges, “but he understands my principled view on this subject.”

See, Gaetz has principles of his own that actually conflict with those of Trump. The White House officially pushed back on the move, which only strengthens Gaetz’ new-found independence. “The Trump administration was disappointed in the congressman’s vote and is hopeful that as the President’s foreign policy continues to unfold, he will reconsider his points of view.”

One senior White House official complained the move was “super uncool” and “quite unwise.” He warned Gaetz not to expect them to return his “calls, texts, smoke signals or his kneelings in the snow.”

Gaetz continues to defend his position that not supporting the resolution could end up with another endless war. When asked if the President pressured him to change his mind, Gaetz replied, “He clarified his view and I did the same. It’s never tense. Friends should be able to disagree.”

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