Pro-Life Groups Declare ‘Game On’ In 2020

Conservative rights groups have the left leaning baby killers furious with their 2020 anti-abortion battle plans. They’re also confidant that a firmly conservative Supreme Court will back them up. “It’s game on in the legislatures, and it’s game on in the courts,” insists Sue Swayze Liebel.

So many pro-life laws are being challenged that progressives need medical insurance. According to Vermont infanticide promoter Elizabeth Nash, “You get a little bit of whiplash going back and forth between states that are looking to ban abortion and states that are looking to protect it.”

Pro-life victories have been piling up at the state level and now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh sits on the highest court, the all powerful Roe v. Wade decision is ripe for attack. The landmark decision that legalized abortion in 1973 may soon share the same fate as the disgraced statues of confederate generals and be totally erased from the history books.

Last year, eight states paved the way by restricting abortions. Successfully passed measures include heartbeat bills and bans on performing the procedure based on gestational limits. Similar measures are now making their way through South Carolina, Colorado and Michigan.

Alabama has the distinction of the most extreme ban on abortions. With only a few exceptions, any doctor who performs the procedure faces a life sentence in prison. In Ohio, lawmakers plan to step it up a notch. Their proposal would “create the capital offense of aggravated abortion murder and the offense of abortion murder.” Not only would an abortionist face life in prison, but a potential death sentence.

Liberal lawyers have been fighting hard at the national level, with holding actions designed to block the new laws from going into effect. They suffered a mortal blow when the Supreme Court declared taxpayer-funded abortions unconstitutional. Title X family planning clinics are even banned from referring patients for abortions. Already, nearly 900 clinics have closed their doors.

The Supreme Court will be watched closely as they consider a Louisiana law that requires doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital in case something goes wrong. Even liberal Justice Clarence Thomas admitted in June that the supremes should reconsider their historic 1973 decision. “We cannot continue blinking the reality of what this court has wrought,” he lamented.

Last month, the court took a right wing position by refusing to consider a case. In Kentucky, doctors are required to provide ultrasound images and fetal heartbeat sounds to prospective mothers. By refusing to hear the case, the Supreme Court allowed the Kentucky law to go into effect.

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