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Mexico WAR-ZONE Like As Streets Turn Bloody with Cartel Attacks [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Intense gun Battles erupted between the cartel and the Mexican army in the city of Culiacan in Mexico after the arrest of El Chapo’s son!

update: More footage is becoming available this one courtesy of Funker530

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Sinaloa public safety director Cristóbal Castañeda said there were wounded throughout the city, but couldn’t provide even an estimated figure.

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FoxNews later reported that he was released in order to restore the peace and end the violence.

At least 8 people were killed and more than 20 wounded when militarized police and National Guard members patrolling the northern city of Culiacan – the capital of Mexico’s Sinaloa state – were engaged by heavily armed gunmen on Thursday night.

Guzman was briefly detained, but his heavily armed supporters surrounded the house, sparking an hours-long gun battle between police and cartel members.

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Culiacan exploded in violence, with civilians in trucks roaring through the city’s center, shooting what appeared to be .50-caliber sniper rifles and machine guns.

Videos published on social media showed a scene…

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