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Karma Alert: Wanna Be Thug Picks A Fight With The Wrong Good Ol’ Boy [WATCH]

Queue the claims of racism, because a thug is about to get the beat down of his pathetic life.


An inner city thug of NYC was feeling his oats on this particular day but much to his dismay, things did not go as planned. It isn’t clear as to what resulted in the altercation but one thing is for certain, the ‘gangsta’ got his ass whipped in a way that he won’t soon forget.


As I watched this play out, I couldn’t help but recall a few of the lyrics of the N.W.A. tune called Boyz-N-The-Hood that I heard in my [much] younger years:

Cause the boyz n tha hood are always hard
You come talking that trash we’ll pull your card
Knowing nothing in life but to be legit

The thug in this video talked his trash, and his card got pulled…and it got pulled hard.

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