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Boy Scouts Have DISGUSTING Plan to Islamize America’s Children: Look What Muslim Troop Scout Did!

During the disastrous eight years of the Obama Administration, organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood made sure that Muslim immigrants and refugees stood in solidarity with a position of refusing to assimilate into American culture.



Even in my home town in South Florida, this is becoming ever present with Muslim men harassing women at the beach, and Muslim cashiers at my grocery store will not check me out if I have alcohol products in my cart. Even the Boy Scouts of America are not immune from this forced ‘cultural diversity.”


In Fairfax City, Virginia is one of America’s only all-Muslim Boy Scout troops. In addition, the board of review that the Scouts must go before consists of a three-woman panel, all in hijabs. Yet, this is the Boy Scouts mind you. There are a few issues here with having an all-Muslim troop. First, what is the troop’s policy if a Christian, Jew, or Buddhist wants to join? Secondly, why do they need an all-Muslim troop, and why does the corporate office of Boy Scouts of America allow this. There was a time when Boy Scouts were for boys, and Girl Scouts were for girls, and it was similar to joining the U.S. military. Members were expected to wear a uniform, adhere to a certain code of conduct, and in order to earn achievements, one had to perform certain tasks successfully. Now, standards are changed and compromised all in the name of religious accommodation.


Like the U.S. military, the Boy Scouts of America is a volunteer organization. The federal government does not mandate that all boys have to join. So, if one is considering joining, and they do not like the uniform standards, rules, or the code of conduct, they have every right not to join. But not in liberal logic, which takes the position that everyone gets a trophy, and we the American people should be expected to change our rules and standards for the peaceful religion of Islam.


In another example of Muslims not only refusing to assimilate but attempting to indoctrinate our youth, back in February a teacher at Alston Middle School in Summerville, South Carolina assigned her students a worksheet assessing their familiarity with the Quran and the Five Pillars of Islam.  Jon Street from The Blaze reported, “One section of the worksheet instructed students to match certain passages from the Quran with the Pillar it most closely supports. One of the questions in that section quoted a verse from the Quran, which reads: “Allah: There is no god but Him, the Living, the Eternal One. Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him.” The correct corresponding pillar was for that particular passage was the first Pillar of Islam, which states, “Proclaim there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.” Parents were outraged and rightfully so. Can you imagine the reaction of Muslim parents if their children were forced to complete a worksheet about Christianity? In response, the school district in the area told parents the worksheet was only meant as a teaching tool and not meant to endorse a religion. Well, it is obvious this “teaching tool” is being used to teach and indoctrinate young impressionable minds with a violent and sadistic religion under the guise of cultural diversity and political correctness.



There are cities all across America where Americanism is being stamped out in place of Islam. The city of Minneapolis is a perfect example. The city has turned into a smaller version of Little Baghdad (Dearborn, Michigan). The mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges encourages this Islamification, and one does not have to look far to find Muslim residents of Minneapolis who openly admit that they want Sharia law, that people in the USA should be punished for insulting the prophet Mohammed, and the Mayor of Minneapolis even set up an anti-blasphemy line Muslim residents could call into if they were being harassed. With President Donald Trump in office, this helps but it is up to parents, private citizens, and local elected officials to ensure that America retains its identity and promotes a culture of assimilation. In short, Muslims in this country must be made to understand that the United States Constitution is not going anywhere, that Sharia law will not be permitted, and if they feel so oppressed here in the United States, they are welcome to go live in Iran or Syria.

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