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He Killed His Wife And Stuffed Her In The Sewer. Today, A Judge Let Him Go For “Good Behavior”

When news broke that the former producer of Survivor Bruce Beresford-Redman was arrested for murdering his wife, people around the world gasped. While he was at a Cancun resort with his beautiful wife, Monica Burgos, he killed her. Mexican authorities arrested the producer and put him to trial, where he was found guilty, and sentenced to twelve years in prison for murdering his betrothed.


Not only did the Survivor producer kill the woman he vowed to protect, he stuffed her dead body into the sewer to cover up what he did. Nevertheless, he was rich and could get capable lawyers to help weasel him out of the consequences for what he did. Not only did he only get sentenced to a dozen years in prison, but he is also now a free man.

Authorities found Monica’s naked corpse stuffed into the sewer back in April 2010. There were signs all over her body that she had been severely beaten – as if by a madman – and strangled to death. It was not a peaceful death that much was abundantly clear.

After stuffing her in the sewer, he called the authorities to report his wife missing. He claimed that she wandered out of the Moon Palace Hotel to go shopping and never returned. He was on vacation with his wife and their two children, age 3 and 5, at the time. The vacation was meant to repair their marriage. Instead, it ended it. Permanently.

However, witnesses reported something different. Two teenagers staying in the room below the producer and his wife heard a struggle. They were woken at 6 am to the sound of “screams, crying for help and extremely loud banging from the room above. It sounded like a woman in extreme distress.”


Beresford-Redman was arrested and put through a trial. He was found guilty and sentenced to twelve years in a Mexican prison.

Following the murder, the Survivor producer tried to flee to the United States to get away from the consequences of his actions. Thankfully, the American and Mexican authorities worked together to extradite the murderer. When he was brought back to Mexico, he initially faced 50 years in prison. However, he only got a minimal twelve years for unknown reasons. The prosecutor at the time called the sentence “too light” given the violent nature of the murder. But the prosecution let the judgment rest, having never pursued any appeal.

After serving seven and a half years in the Mexican prison, the former producer of Survivor was released on June 20, 2019. He was sent away with credit for good behavior. He also had to pay $2,000 in restitution. Mexican law gives prisoners eligibility for release after they have served 60 percent of their sentence.


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