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After Congress Approves Impeachment Rule – President Trump Gives Them A HARD Lesson


Democrats in the House continue their doomed agenda of impeaching Trump.

They are far, far from even putting forward articles of impeachment. But goons like Nadler keep insisting that they are going to find that smoking gun.

These Democrats are draining American resources (your tax dollars) looking for ways of removing Trump from office.

They’ll never find it. But today, they voted on broad rules that will guide them into possibly, maybe, preparing an investigation into impeaching Trump.

If that confuses you, it should. They are making a big deal about it. But it’s mostly for show.

From Axios:

The House Judiciary Committee approved Thursday a resolution that outlines the rules and scope for its impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The 24-17 vote was along party lines.

You mean they hadn’t even voted on the rules of their scope for an impeachment inquiry into the president yet!?

Oh my God, I’m so scared!

This is all just a political circus, my friends. As we’ve said many times, they don’t have enough votes in the House or Senate to even impeach the president.

Not to mention the fact that the American people are against it.

So why are they doing it? Trump summed it up nicely, when he quoted one of their own:

“We can’t beat him, so lets impeach him!” Democrat Rep. Al Green

Yep, that’s about right. Trump is doing so well on the economy, no Democrat can beat him.

He is making good on his promises, defying every last “expert.”

No 2020 Democrat can compete. So, their goons in the House are making all this noise about impeachment.

It’s all to scare Americans who appreciate what Trump is doing.

The fact is, impeachment will ruin the left. They made big promises in 2018, to claw back a slim majority in the House.

Instead of doing anything for Americans, they are pushing impeachment. Yeah, not great, you guys.

Americans want improvements to health care, a secure border, and an end to gun violence. All you are doing is attacking a guy actually helping the country.

Do you think they’ll really win with that plan?

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