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Tucker Carlson’s CHILLING Warning To Trump

Tucker Carlson from Fox News Channel welcomed John Bolton’s exit from the Trump White House on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, Trump announced on social media, Bolton was no longer serving as his national security adviser.


However, the presenter of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” advised that the successor of Bolton might have the same opinions as Bolton on overseas conflicts. He mentioned one man, in particular, Brian Hook.


“In some ways, the story isn’t simply about John Bolton,” he said on his Tuesday broadcast. “It’s about the countless John Boltons who currently the staff federal bureaucracy — deeply mediocre lifers, drunk on hubris, protected by bulletproof job security that are more likely to die on the job than be fired, and they know it. As a group, these people have done an awful lot to make this country poorer and sadder and more divided.

The actual John Bolton is gone, likely forever. The question tonight is, will he be replaced by another John Bolton just like him. And unfortunately, there are signs that that’s possible. In fact, in Washington, it’s always possible. Change is not always for the better. Don’t lie to yourself.”


“Apparently, on the shortlist tonight to replace Bolton is the president’s special representative for Iran Brian Hook,” Carlson continued. “He may be a good person. He is also an unapologetic neocon. Sources say he has undisguised contempt for Donald Trump, as John Bolton did. And he particularly dislikes the president’s nationalist foreign policy, which is one of the reasons people voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

One administration official recalls Hook announcing that, quote: ‘I think the president is reckless and doesn’t understand policy.’ Another source heard him directly foreign officials at a conference abroad. A choice like that, and Hook, by the way, is not the only one, not even close. A choice like that is really no choice at all. It’s more John Bolton with the same predictable disastrous results. At least Mitt Romney and the energy speculators will be happy.”

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