Karma 101: David Hogg’s Attempt to Ruin Laura Ingraham’s Life Just Backfired In The Worst Possible Way

Liberating Elder – Just when you think it’s time to sell all your assets and move to a cabin far, far off in the woods, something amazing happens and completely restores your faith in humanity.

One of those moments just occurred.  You are going to want to see this …

Laura Ingraham has never been one to tip toe around the truth.  the cancer survivor and mother of 3 adopted children is a fighter, a bare knuckle brawler who has made a living calling BS when she sees it.  Very few people who know Laura were surprised when she decided to call David Hogg out for his tweet about not getting into colleges.

Ingraham ‘mocked’ Hogg for airing his dirty laundry in public and in the process walked right into the trap Hogg and his leftist controllers were setting.  As we have documented many times before, we see no benefit in attacking Hogg personally as is merely a pawn in this game.  Hogg is being used as a human shield and we would be wise to leave him alone and let him destroy himself as he has proven he is adept at doing.

However, what happened happened and Hogg used Ingraham’;s tweet as an excuse to send his lynch mobs after her advertisers.  The Daily News explains what happened next

From New York Daily News:

Ingraham has gone on a scheduled break after a week in which she came under fire for mocking Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior David Hogg after he mentioned in an interview that he was not accepted by four University of California schools.

David responded by listing Fox News advertisers and urging his Twitter supporters to call for a boycott of her program “The Ingraham Angle.” Ingraham issued a tweet apologizing for remarks about David, but the student-turned-gun control activist did not accept it.

Advertisers have been leaving the show since last Thursday to protest Ingraham’s remarks while other sponsors have steered clear of her program so as not to be associated with the controversy.

This is absurd, but we all know by now this is how the left reacts to anyone’s speech they do not like, the seek to shut them and their voice down.  A true hallmark of totalitarian leftists.

Predictably, Hogg refused to accept her apology and went even further, advancing his bullying by issuing even more ludicrous demands.

Today, Fox News’ co-president broke his silence about the companies plans for Laura’s future.

Finally, someone on the right steps up to protect free speech.

From Variety:

The note is unusual for a corporate executive to issue on behalf of a program host, but the situation swirling around Ingraham is anything but normal. The host announced Friday on her 10 p.m. program, “The Ingraham Angle,” that she would take a planned vacation even as scrutiny of her program intensified and more sponsors announced they were moving their ads out of the show.

Media buyers said late last week that advertisers had grown nervous about being associated with the show, even as they acknowledged its sizable audience.  In February, “The Ingraham Angle” drew an average of more than 2.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen. Only Fox News’ “Hannity” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” attracted more viewers that month. With that following — Ingraham is also a longtime radio host — advertisers could find her program difficult to ignore.

Looks like that boycott backfired. Big time.

American News Central commented: It’s nice to see that Fox News did the right thing here. Cable news anchors are constantly tweeting and saying worse things than Laura said. What happened to free speech? Hogg is allowed to run around accusing conservatives of having blood on their hands and saying all kinds of nasty things and Laura can’t even send a semi-mean tweet? Get out of here. H/T

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