Hidden Camera Shows His Housekeeper Wasn’t Stealing, Instead She Was Sleeping With His Wife

Reddit has become social media’s spot for confessions.

The site which has been around for 11 years is a place where users from all over the world share random news, funny photos, personal anecdotes, and the trivial things where just about anyone can comment on.


The message board allows the online community to decide what is interesting and what is not. Those “upvoted” move up the board for millions to read. This has also become a place where subscribers use aliases to divulge personal things that they would never share with a co-worker, neighbour or even friends.

This virtual community is more than happy to provide helpful, insightful feedback. Many ask for updates after a person has poured their hearts out, others share some of their own heartbreaks and struggles. A man made a surprising discovery in his home after he set up a hidden camera. Instead of finding out how things were going missing and then reappearing at home, he discovered something much more surprising and hurtful.


A couple hired a nursing student to clean their home. She came highly recommended from a friend who also happened to be a pastor.


Both husband and wife are happy with the help as she is doing a wonderful job.

Except a month ago his Seiko watch went missing. He looked in all the places it could have fallen or misplaced.


“I questioned her about it and she said she found it behind the dresser, however, I remember looking behind the dresser very well because … well I assumed thats where it would have fallen.
There were other things over the last year that got moved around or suspiciously missing but then reappeared but you get the idea,” he wrote on Reddit.

He was not happy with her response and something was not feeling right. The husband decided to set up a trail camera, hidden behind bookshelves.


The first week he noticed she spend an unusual amount of time in the closet. That night he realized the “sex toy” bag had been moved. Everything looked clean so he had no reason to think it about it further.

The next week he got home late from a business trip. He chose to look at the camera to see if there was anything new.


“What I saw made we want to throw up. You can see her come in and start cleaning, and then after about 30 minutes there’s another picture of her going into the closet, and then coming back out with the toy bag,” he reveals. “She lays on my bed, right where my wife usually sleeps, and starts to play with a vibrating egg. Its hard to tell exact toys because of the resolution, but this one has a cord so Im pretty sure.”

The next photos reveal his wife coming into the bedroom and sitting on the bed.

If his wife knew the maid was doing this he doesn’t understand why she has not told him. Except the next photo gives him the answer. “Then, the housekeeper leans over and the next picture shows her head between my wifes legs,” he writes.

There are a total of six photos of their encounter. He believes the two women do not kiss; their interaction is purely sexual.


“All total there were 57 pictures, but only about 15 of them were related to this,” he admits. “Its really hard to piece the whole story together with pictures (there’s a 1 minute delay on the camera between pics, plus it has to be triggered by motion).”

The husband has mixed feelings about what he saw. In one hand he feels like vomiting but he also feels aroused by what he saw.


“She is an awesome person and I don’t know of any infidelity in our relationship,” he says.

He is aware that his wife has fantasized being with other women. They have discussed having a threesome in the past.


“There’s not really any jealousy feelings, just a bit of anger and this strange feeling of sadness because I might have gone along with this had I know about it ahead of time. I just feel betrayed,” he admits.

The man wants to know more than just what those photos reveal.


He doesn’t want to call her as he knows speaking to her over the phone will just make him emotional.

Instead he sends her a text telling her that he suspected the nursing student was stealing from them.


“Well, I set up my camera in our bedroom. I did this to catch her, but it obviously caught something else. I’m not mad at you, I just feel betrayed.

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