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Woman Looks Back At Dressing Room Selfies, Realizes Someone Was Spying On Her [PHOTO]

A selfie taken at a dressing room while someone was spying on her goes viral after being uploaded on social media.

While scanning her pictures in her phone, a student of Savannah State University was surprised to see the picture when she took a selfie in a dressing room at Forever 21, there was someone peeking on her.

She noticed that a little girl had been watching her in the changing room while she was trying on some clothes. The little girl was captured in the picture she took while she was taking photo of herself in a dress.

“So I was trying on this dress and didn’t realize this little girl was looking at me the whole time..” the Savannah State University student, known as Destiny, wrote on Twitter after posting the selfie.

Many found the photo to be funny, noticing the girl to have a resemblance to Macaulay Culkin’s character in the movie “Home Alone.”

Others found the photo unsettling.

“That could be a scene from a horror movie, creepy!!!!” one user responded.

The little girl was still unknown. How old is she and what is her name. But sure this selffie has gone viral.

Destiny wasn’t upset, nor did she feel violated, realizing that kids will be kids, and they have a habit of sneaking under bathroom and dressing room stall dividers. She doesn’t know who this little girl is or who she belongs to, just that she was with her while she was dressing. Because she was so focused on herself and her selfies, she had no clue this girl’s head was inches from her feet.

Had this happened to the wrong person, she’d be calling the child perverse and seeking out ways to charge the child’s mom with voyeurism. This humorous incident proves just how unaware people can be when focused on themselves. Luckily it was a little girl this time and not an adult with bad intentions.

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