What One Family Just Found In Their Child’s Hamburger Is Absolutely BONE CHILLING

When you go out to eat, whether you realize it or not you are putting a whole lot more trust into a complete and total stronger than you realize.

When you place an order out somewhere you are effectively saying to this person that you trust them to prepare something you are going to then put in your body and you are hoping that it doesn’t kill you.

That’s in a nutshell the level of trust that you are putting into someone that cooks your food.

Local places to eat that you go to regularly you have that level of trust with people and that’s one of the reasons that I have heard from people that own small restaurants why they are so excited concerning repeat customers is that those people put that much trust in them under that premise that they will let them do it again.

It’s why good good cooks are genuinely distraught when someone gets sick from their food.

Now, that being said what do you do when someone tries to get you sick on purpose?

Via Breitbart:

Texas police officers arrested three employees of a Sonic Drive-In Thursday night after a local family allegedly found an ecstasy pill in the wrapper of their four-year-old son’s hamburger. The family made the discovery before the child could consume the pill.

A family in Taylor, Texas, went to their local Sonic Drive-In Thursday night for a family meal. When the order arrived, their 11-year-old daughter unwrapped her younger brother’s hamburger and discovered a pill. The daughter initially believed it was a piece of candy, but the parents became concerned and investigated, KXAN reported.

The family drove to the police department to report their findings. Taylor police officers conducted a field test on the pill and determined it was ecstasy.

“Of course when they [the family] came to the police department, they were very upset, and we understand why,” Taylor Police Chief Henry Fluck told the local NBC affiliate.

Officers went to the Sonic to investigate and took three employees into custody.

Police discovered two of the employees had outstanding arrest warrants. The manager, Tanisha Dancer, had an outstanding warrant for an alleged felony theft in Guadalupe County, officials stated. During her booking, a female correctional officer allegedly discovered three ecstasy pills hidden in her clothing.

Police took Jonathan Roberson into custody for four outstanding warrants from Travis and Brown Counties. Those warrants were for allegations of theft by check, driving with an invalid license, and a bond forfeiture.

Taylor police arrested the third employee, Jose Molina, for possession of marijuana.



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