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Nick Sandmann’s Family Has Just Fired Back Hard At The MSM!

When people go after adults in the public eye it’s practically a fair game situation. You knew as a public figure that something like someone making negative remarks about you was going to happen eventually.

However, when you have children who have done nothing wrong that entire news organizations are going after for the sole purpose that they happen to be Trump supporters, it is beyond the line.

Hell, even if they were Hillary supporters it would be over the line. Leave the kids out of it. But alas, CNN and other liberal slanted organizations are doing everything that they can to slander the kids from Covington.

If it were my kids that this was being done to I am not certain I could have remained as restrained as the parents of these kids are being.

Via Daily Wire:

The family of 16-year-old Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann has hired a high-powered lawyer who specializes in going after media organizations for libel and slander.

WCPO reports that the family has hired L. Lin Wood, whom disgraced former journalist Dan Rather described as the “attorney for the damned,” and who is known for “aggressive libel and slander suits against media organizations.”

The family made the announcement in a statement released by the Hemmer DeFrank Wessels law firm, The Enquirer reported.

“…Todd McMurtry, the family’s legal counsel, conducted an extensive search to find a nationally-recognized attorney skilled in the fields of libel, defamation, and the First Amendment,” the release said.

Wood has a history of representing high profile clients in major cases including the family of JonBenet Ramsey and others.



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