14 Year Old Boy Charged With MURDER After Prank Goes Horribly Wrong!

People have been playing pranks on each other since the beginning of time but there has to be some accountability for a prank if the joke turns out to have a bad ending.

I always tell my kids that whatever you do you need to be prepared to pay for the consequences if things suddenly blow up in your face.

Even growing up, I was never a fan of vandalism based pranks because in my mind, it was vandalism and not a prank at all. You toss toilet paper in someone’s tree that’s vandalism and nothing more.

There’s a big difference between cutting a roll of paper towels in half so and doing something that could cause an accident.

Via Western Journal:

A 14-year-old boy faces a murder charge after the vehicle he was driving killed a 45-year-old woman in a New Year’s Day crash in Houston.

The incident began Tuesday afternoon when the 14-year-old, whose name has not been released, was driving a GMC Acadia SUV along Aldine Mail Route Road. The driver and other juveniles in the vehicle were throwing eggs at passing cars, NBC reported.

The game changed when a driver in one of the cars struck by an egg pursued the vehicle, chasing the juveniles at high speeds.

The driver of what was described as a tan 1970s-era Lincoln Continental with a white leather top showed the juvenile a semi-automatic handgun, the juveniles claimed to police.

In their effort to evade the Lincoln, the vehicle of juveniles went through a red light and hit a Ford pickup truck, killing Silvia Zavala, 45, said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

The 14-year-old driver suffered a broken ankle. He is currently in a juvenile detention center.

The driver of the Lincoln did not stop at the scene.

Police later said they have located him and he is cooperating with their investigation.



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