TRUMP SMILING: CNN’s Recent Poll About Impeachment Has TOTALLY BACKFIRED!

Make no mistake about it, the relationship with CNN and Donald Trump is about as warm as the one between the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Being totally fair to President Trump, when CNN isn’t out and out spreading blatant lies about the commander in chief, the network is taking existing situations and spinning them around backwards to make it look like Trump’s fault every chance they can.

President Trump could come out on television tomorrow and say that apples were delicious and CNN would be doing a story about how President Trump hates pears by the time you sat down for dinner.

Also, they have had this scary infatuation with the impeachment process the past couple of years. It’s beginning to become clear that they are still so heartbroken over the loss by Hillary Clinton over two years ago that they are grasping for any way that they can to fix it in their eyes.

From Conservative Tribune:

Basically, Trump has had to deal with talk of impeachment for, more or less, the entirety of his presidential term. CNN has been as guilty as any party when it comes to that undying narrative.

But along the path of CNN’s insanity, a curious thing happened. The general public has become increasingly less interested in a potential Trump impeachment, and that’s according to CNN’s own polls.

Setting aside the fact that CNN feels compelled to constantly ask this question, the network can’t be thrilled with the way the nation is swaying in regards to a Trump impeachment.

As CNN was forced to admit, “support for impeachment has dipped.”

According to the poll released Friday, 50 percent of respondents don’t feel that Trump should be impeached, compared to 43 percent who still feel he should be impeached. In September, 47 percent of those polled felt that Trump should be impeached, so the recent polls represents a 4 percent dip in support for impeachment.



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