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Sheriff Joe Just LEVELED CNN, Rolling Stone With MAJOR LAWSUIT…

People whenever possible should try to correct their mistakes when it comes to making a claim about someone that they later find out to be wrong.

The press most of the time is quick to make a claim about someone and print it in giant letters on the front page of the paper before even knowing the full truth about something.

After they are found out to be wrong and forced to print the retraction, their admission of their mistake is often times found in the back near the crossword puzzles and the TV listings.

Liberals have no problem issuing blanket claims about someone without really researching if they are correct in their statement or even remotely true and then once it comes time to say that they were wrong they cower.

From Western Journal:

Former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio filed a lawsuit against CNN and several other publications on Monday, accusing them of slander and libel by labeling him a “felon,” World Net Daily reported.

CNN president Jeff Zucker, CNN host Chris Cuomo, Rolling Stone Magazine and the Huffington Post are named in the suit. Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor and the founder of Freedom Watch, is representing Arpaio.

“Specifically, the complaint alleges that these ‘Fake News’ publications slandered and libeled former Maricopa sheriff and U.S. Senate candidate Joe Arpaio by falsely branding him a ‘felon,’” Klayman said, according to WND.

Arpaio, known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” was never found guilty of a felony, arrested or imprisoned. Arpaio was, however, pardoned by President Donald Trump for a misdemeanor.

“The nullification of even the misdemeanor finding, which Sheriff Arpaio submits was legally incorrect but simply the basis of politics, as he had not violated a court order and intentionally profiled illegal immigrants, is on appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit,” Klayman said.

“Sheriff Arpaio is confident that even the misdemeanor finding will eventually also be vacated.”

Arpaio is seeking $300 million in actual and punitive damages.



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