Trump About To Send National Guard To Take Over Miami Beach After What Was Just Revealed About Rampage

Whenever a black person is involved in an event where the police officer has had to use deadly force, radical liberal groups will immediately claim racism and proceed to riot in the streets. So, after the rampage in Miami Beach the past weekend, many are wondering if somebody will start a civil war and force President Trump to call in the National Guard.

A black college student went on a rampage in Miami Beach, Florida that has left the residents in the busy city terrified. Cariann Denise Hithon, 22, was driving her black BMW through South Beach when she hit several cars, which prompted the police to be called in to help. Instead of Hithon pulling her vehicle over the young woman ran a red light before running over police officers in the area.

Witnesses said Hithon was behind the wheel of a black BMW early Sunday evening around 6 p.m. when she crashed into a truck on 12th Street and Ocean Drive. She reportedly fled West and hit another vehicle on Lincoln Drive, according to CBS News reports.

As she was reportedly driving away from the scene, she found herself surrounded by police near Washington and 12th Street. During her attempt to escape, she reportedly hit a uniform patrol officer who was dealing with bystanders.

One witness said the woman had a wild, crazed expression when he saw her face.

“She was staring, it was very scary looking, I think she was on drugs or something,” said Miguel Garcia.

Another cop dropped off on the BMW after the officer was run down.

“At that point, the other cop started shooting,” Garcia added. “I heard like shots, like four or five shots, like ‘pow, pow, pow, pow!’ And then the car lost control.”

The BMW continued westbound on 12th Street where it struck a Pathfinder SUV and came to a rest. The woman was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center where she died. A man who was with her in the car was taken for questioning.

The girl’s father, Cary Hithon, told news outlet that he doesn’t understand how things happened as it is out of her daughter’s character. “I believe something was going on. Maybe she did panic,” he cited.

Miami-Dade Police, an outside agency, will conduct the police shooting investigation.

Some police officers in our country are now afraid to do their job in fear that they will be called a racist or even worse be killed in the line of duty because of liberal politicians who will immediately call for “resistance” and protests instead of working to bring the country together.

Article Sources: Freedom Daily, CBS News, Freedom Daily/Facebook Photo Credit: NBC Miami Video Credit: srinivasgoud kashagouni/YouTube



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