These Rowdy Teens Stumble Into Taco Bell, As He Approached Them He Became Heartbroken

Inside Taco Bell at West Palm Beach, Florida, a man named Josh Walker witnessed an unbelievable act of kindness from a stranger to a group of teens. Josh was inspired to tell the story to the world in hopes that people would pay attention and share the same kindness to others.

Photo Credit to Josh Walker

“Sitting in Taco Bell today, I laughed to myself as a group of young boys came stumbling into the air conditioned restaurant with loud voices, smiles, and a craving for a taco. But as they all sat down at a table, I noticed only one of them ordered anything.

The other three sat and stared at the menu with hungry glances. As time went on, they began having conversations about school, girls, and about twenty other subjects…

At a random moment, the man who was sitting in the corner of the restaurant stood up, came over to stand over the table… As all of the boys shrank back on view of this 6’5 giant, the words that issued forth made my day.

“Y’all want a slushie? Come on up here, let’s get you guys something.”

Within a few seconds, the three boys jumped out of their chair, ran to the counter, and happily ordered not only slushies, but found that the stranger also offered to buy them food. He quickly asked the cashier if he could pay before they started the food as he needed to get back on the road. Card swiped, a goodbye given, and this gentle man quickly went for the back door without asking for a thank you for the young boys.

I nodded silently to him and flashed a smile as a signal that he had been seen.

He lifted a hand in farewell towards the counter, and with smiles touching both sides of their faces, the little dudes all turned and yelled “thank you!” as he slipped out the door and jogged to his semi parked to the side of the building…

Today, Love and Kindness looked like a 12 pack of soft tacos and 3 Starburst Freezes.”

One act of kindness can inspire ripples of goodness that last a lifetime. Share and spread some smiles!

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Photo Credit: Inspire More

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