83-Year-Old ‘Hero Grandpa’ Takes Down Unhinged Intruder. Receives Special Gift From Police [VIDEO]

News of an unlikely hero in La Puente, California who has taken matters into his own hands to protect his neighborhood has started to spread across social media.

A Hispanic man who looks to be in his early 20’s and believed to be high on drugs was terrorizing the “heroes” neighborhood by running across the rooftops according to fox5ny. The Hispanic man was jumping from rooftop to rooftop when he stopped on the Burgess residence and stayed on their roof for a long period of time refusing to come down. His decision would prove to be a very bad move.

83-year-old Mr. Burgess has earned the nickname ‘Hero Grandpa’ for his no games approach of taking down this intruder.

After hearing the intruder on the roof Mr. Burgess walked outside and brought a ladder that he used to climb onto the roof.

According to Mr. Burgess’ daughter, Crystal Burgess, who filmed the incident, the entire Burgess family was fearful since they didn’t know the intruder’s intentions or whether or not he was armed.

That didn’t seem to phase Mr. Burgess. When it comes to his family’s safety he doesn’t play any games.

Mr. Burgess confronted the intruder on the roof while the family looked on in fear. Burgess tried to get the intruder off the roof and when he refused, Burgess has to take matters into his own hands. Mr. B walked to the edge of the roof and pushed the intruder off the roof.

The intruder ended up falling off of the roof and landed on a car windshield cracking it upon impact. Fortunately for Mr. Burgess, police were so impressed with his actions that they offered to pay for the windshield.

Mr. Burgess took matters into his own hands in a time when most people would have called the police to handle the issue instead of acting like a man and protecting his family and neighbors. Mr. B comes from a period of time when men acted like men and handled their business the right way. It’s something that today’s snowflake generation could learn from.

H/T USHerald

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