Parents Outraged When School Tries To Hide What Thugs Did To An Elderly Teacher [WATCH]

Many were outraged after seeing this video that has gone viral in social media. Wherein two teen thugs carried out a heinous act on an old middle school teacher.

School officials are trying to cover up the incident by denying that it even happened — until someone uncovered video evidence.

The cell phone video footage of the classroom brawl just recently emerged on social media, giving way to a barrage of phone calls to the Rome School District office in an attempt to get a response and some kind of accountability. Reportedly, the school district’s response is that they had no idea what reporters were talking about. According to reports from FOX13 News.

In the clip below, two students can be seen fighting, with a teacher standing in the middle, then getting caught in a crossfire of slaps. Their elderly teacher tries to break up the fight. This is when things took a turn for the worse. The two teens didn’t stop fighting, they simply started slapping the teacher repeatedly because she was getting in the way of their brawl.

At first Rome school district officials are denying the incident trying to play dumb; however, a local news station WSB-TV reached out after the video gone viral and sent the video to them. Then the superintendent called back and said they are aware of the incident, but had no further comment.

Leave it to a bunch of failed public school administrative degenerates to try lying about such a heinous incident. These overpaid morons only admitted to knowing about the classroom brawl and beating of one of their teachers after they were confronted with video evidence. So much for instilling good moral values into public education.

In addition to the idiotic school district administrators, people in society need to wake up and quit pretending that this crap isn’t happening on an epidemic level. Start holding parents and the teen thugs they are sending to school accountable for their crimes. It would be great if America’s public school system would let kids, who are actually in school to learn, get a damn education. How can our kids focus on learning when they have to witness crap like this on a regular basis? It’s time for a change.


Article Sources: Mad World News, Fox13 News Video Credit: News Update Mania/Youtube


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