Upon Seeing Her Newborn Baby Boy, Mother Tells Doctors She Will Kill Him

After seeing her newborn son’s deformities at birth, a mother in India threatened to either kill or abandon her son at the hospital. Fortunately for the baby, some kind strangers stepped in and gave him a second chance.

A mother gave birth to a boy named Adam. He was born with a number of deformities, which led the mother to believe her son was cursed. He had a cleft palate, no eyelids no nose, and limb abnormalities. Fortunately, the baby’s brain, heart, and lungs were fully functional and healthy.

Due to Adam’s appearance, however, the mother wanted nothing to do with him. She allegedly threatened to kill the baby, but instead chose to leave him at the hospital where she gave birth.

Doctors at the hospital worried that the baby would not survive due to his deformities and the fact that nobody was there to care for him. However, a young couple stepped in and gave Adam another chance.

Raja Paulraj, a hospital administrator at the Christian missionary hospital where Adam was born, and his wife, Jessica Cooksey Paulraj, a nurse at the hospital, heard about Adam’s story and knew they needed to do something. After some consideration, the couple chose to adopt Adam because they knew he deserved a loving home.

As soon as the couple adopted Adam, they took him to get the medical attention he needed. Jessica called a friend in the U.S. to see if she had any advice for where to bring Adam for the surgeries he needed.


The parents ended up brining Adam to the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital, where Dr. John Van Aalst volunteered to help the baby.

Adam’s first surgeries were to correct his cleft palate and to give him eyelids, which allowed him to close his eyes and mouth for the first time since his birth.

Dr. Van Aalst says that the cleft palate surgery was the “most challenging cleft lip” he had ever operated on.

While the road ahead for Adam is not going to be easy, the doctors and Adam’s parents remain positive about a bright future for the baby.

“Is he going to be perfect? Yes. He’s already perfect,” Dr. Van Aalst told the 700 Club. “Is he going to be normal by the world’s standards? Never.”

The staff at the Children’s Hospital all fell in love with Adam and the baby, who was once going to be left for dead, brought a whole community together.

Watch the video below to learn more about Adam’s story:

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