Police Find Boy Bloodied In Mall, Then Notice What’s Wrong When He Turns Around

Two Florida parents were arrested on charges of child neglect after their son was found bloodied and beaten at a mall.

Authorities were reportedly called to a Bloomingdales Outlet store at a local mall after shoppers spotted the boy, who had been severely beaten. Officers spoke with the boy’s father, 28-year-old Mariano Pinar, first, while the boy stood next to his mother on the sidewalk.

Pinar was allegedly acting extremely nervous and ultimately broke down — admitting that he had beaten his son with a belt before they arrived at the mall. His reason for beating the boy was because he wouldn’t be quiet.

“I am sorry, but he wouldn’t shut up,” the boy’s mother, Danzy Torres, told authorities. The boy was reportedly “nervous, shaking, crying and afraid” to speak to authorities. He was taken from his parents and checked out by emergency services to determine the extent of his injuries. There was a red welt across his back, and further examination showed that he had severe cavities in his mouth. In addition, he had a massive scar on the back of his head.

“My mom is the bad one. Dad just hit me today,” the boy said, according to an arrest report.

“It was rather disturbing, it was an unfortunate case where the child had been severely abused to the extent that he had visible injuries and he was bleeding,” Police chief Placido Diaz said, Mommy Page reported.

The story quickly went viral, with many calling for the parents to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

“Glad someone called the police. Hope the parents got beaten with a belt before they were arrested. They should rot in prison . Praying he finds someone to love him,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“I would do anything for the chance to love him and take care of him forever. So many parents still hit their children. [Statistics] say poor and uneducated parents are still in the majority of using physical and emotional abuse on children. Poor sweetie. I pray he will find caring parents who will adopt him. So wrong. Please Jesus put your loving arms around him …” another added.


Source: Mommy Page, Facebook

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