Woman Caught On Camera As She FREAKS OUT From Heroin Overdose

A woman was caught on video losing her mind after allegedly doing heroin.

In the disturbing clip, the woman can be seen convulsing and squirming around on the ground and making strange noises. The man filming her frequently tries to get her to stand up and go to bed, but she is seemingly in a trance and unable to respond.

The woman continuously flails her arms and legs while on the ground, screaming violently and not calming down for even a moment.

The disturbing clip quickly went viral, though many speculated that there was more going on than just a reaction from heroin.

“That DID NOT happen from heroin. And if I saw that, I would be calling an ambulance and he kept saying to get in bed?? I think there’s more to this… but it’s NOT heroin!!!” one person commented on Facebook.

“Call 911- obviously he knew she had drug habit and chose to video instead of getting help,” one viewer commented.

“He should have called 911!” another added.

Heroin has become a major epidemic in many parts of the United States, claiming the lives of countless people. In Nassau County, New York, alone, authorities said they see two or three overdose deaths every week from the horrible drug.

“I overdosed a lot of times,” 27-year-old Jessica McNamara told WABC. “Maybe like 8 times that I went to the hospital.”

The county has allocated $685,000 seized from drug raids and criminals and put it towards treatment for addicts.

“They will go to the emergency room, take these people into their facilities for up to 6 weeks, 7 weeks, however long it takes to find a long term program to put them in,” District Attorney Madeline Singas said.

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